A book holds a house of gold

One man’s fault is another man’s lesson

My first aim in making this blog is actually to share my papers of literary studies since I was a freshman until now. I am a student of Faculty of Arts (Padjadjaran University) and I have Department of English as my major and literary studies as my interest. I’ve made some papers due to my assignments and my writings need a lot of increasing. Therefore I’m gonna publish those things. Yes, you can laugh at my writings to point out the bad or maybe you can help me by commenting so I can learn which part I do wrong and which part I can keep to go on. I usually start to write paper from some pop-up questions in my head after reading novel or short story. Then I just need to open my Ms. Word and write everything I want then re-organize it into a proper writing.  Writing down some issues in your head into a word document doesn’t mean those should be solved or answered. Let it be only a paper to fulfill your duty. Maybe someday in the future, I can go back to this blog and laugh at myself for my writings (for sure) are so bad.


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