An Indian’s Looking Glass for the White Man (William Apess)

The concept of equality of all people under God appeared in the first paragraph. The issue here is between the natives and the foreigners. Doesn’t look the same but feel the same and want the sameness, “God who is the maker and preserver both of the white man and the Indian, whose abilities are the same, and who are to be judged by one God, who will show no favour to outward appearances, but will judge righteousness.”. Within the Indian, some of them had been civilized and some more in the reservations had different idea about their selves. So, there was degradation among them and with the whites.

William Apess

Women and children are the example of the bad effects from this case, “… as they wandered from one hut to the other they would view with the females who are left alone, children half starved, and some almost as naked as they came into the world.”. Many of them were left because the men were gone. Perhaps it was women’s own pretension to stay because they thought they had to stay and the outward world only for men. For the land, people did no action to work on it. The land seemed The Eden which can fulfil their need with no reaction in return, “Their land is in common stock, and they have nothing to make them enterprising”; they shouldn’t take care of their self and of the land because the universe did. But some people didn’t enjoy the Eden; they went out in their own will or accidentally and received education. “I mean here amongst those who are civilized. It may be that many are ignorant of the situation of many of my brethren within the limits of New England”. This is a way to see their selves from different perception. Then came the alcohol, as the main suspect of murdered among red and white men, “… and to be destroyed by that burning, fiery curse that has swept millions, both of red and white men, into the grave with sorrow and disgrace— Rum”. The rum had something to do with the behaviour of the people, it gave a bad temper.

White did all bad things to the red an all coloured people. They robbed other nation, treated the women and children inhumanely and drove the men, “Can you charge the Indians with robbing a nation almost of their whole Continent, and murdering their women and children, and then depriving the remainder of their lawful rights that nature and God require them to have?” The coloured didn’t do that things but judged the white, “Now suppose these skins were put together, and each skin had its national crimes written upon it—which skin do you think would have the greatest?… and I know that when I cast my eye upon that white skin, and if I saw those crimes written upon in it, I should enter my protest against it immediately, and cleave to that which is more honourable.”. There is sameness here, all have known the Love Law in Bible and none did it.


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