Iroquios or Confederacy of the Five Nations

Five Nations

Five Nations

Iroquios consists of five nations; there are Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, and Seneca Indians. The only thing that differentiates them is the tongue, in other word, the language. It was all began when the projector of the alliance, Daganowedah, wanted to explain his plan to the councils then he heard his daughter died. Everytime he tried to explain his plan of Union, no one seemed to understand what he talked about. Then he started to find a way in making everyone understood. ‘Daganowedah, the projector of the plan of alliance, being provoked at their dullness of comprehension, which resulted more from their ignorance of civil matters than dullness of comprehension, arose in the night and travelled towards the east.’

The different languages became a problem when the people of each nation hard to understand Daganowedah’s plan which in order discussed about transacting civil matters. ‘that he had conceived a noble plan of alliance, but had not found a nation wise enough to comprehend its benefits, and thus he had travelled and should continue so to travel until he found support ’. This plan itself is a start of the tribes adapted into government style. It contains of democracy, civil and legislative power, civil sachems, military, and organization. In my opinion, Daganowedah had a sight that Indian should understand about government thing in purpose they would be more accepted among other nation. A strong reliance in tradition made it hard to shape a new mindset of the councils, and also the difference tongue.


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