The Influences of European Renaissance Drama in Elizabethan Drama

Elizabethan era refers to time around 1558-1603 in England with Queen Elizabeth as the first person. This era also well known as Renaissance era there and many developments happened in that time especially in literature. In this era, middle England had influenced by many things from Europe such as France, Spain, and Italy because the continent (Europe) was much greater than the island (England).  Elizabethan literature was the starting point for drama when it was considered as one of the genre besides narrative poetry and it produced such big names as Thomas Kyd, William Shakespeare, and Christopher Marlowe.

Drama was a low form of arts and popular entertainment before the Renaissance, but since the Elizabethan era, drama was used to spread the theology through the good characters within. This kind of drama already had approval from the Church. Another influence from European drama in Elizabethan drama was the type of the theatre. Before Renaissance, there was only traditional theatre, but then the commercial theatre appeared and changed the pattern of drama in England. The traditional theatre emerged and became popular among the society because of their needs in releasing stress after work. Meanwhile, Commercial theatre was a prototype of a modern business (company).

Materialism was developing back then in Elizabethan era, this is why the Patron appeared and Patron of theatre had high prestige together along with the increasing of bourgeois economics.


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