#EngPic #EngGame: “Friends” Series Quotes

FRIENDS forever !!!


Helluww fellas! How you doin’? Anyone know where that question phrase comes from? Hope you had a good Tuesday!

Oops, what I meant is what show usually use that question phrase hehe but you’re right @piintut it’s from “how are you doing?”

Yap it is from the -> @natweetalie: ‘Friends’ Series. 😀 Anyone familiar with the series?

So this evening admin will share some #EngPic#EngGame on quotes from ‘Friends’ 🙂 Are you all ready for it?

Great! Let’s begin 😀


1st #EngPic: Ross and Rachel with the stuffed T-Rex!


Q1. In the picture, what’s referred as ‘stuffed’ and why is it called so?

Q2. Why would Ross force the T-Rex to Emma?

2nd #EngPic: Joey and Ross having a conversation


Q3. Wow “Friend Zone” term has been used in this series, what does it actually mean?

3rd #EngPic: Chandler and Monica’s wedding day

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