6 Movies For When You’re Young And Confused And Facing Change

okay… let’s find the movies, watch, and learn.

Thought Catalog

If you’re a twenty-something or anybody else who’s going through some major life changes, the following films should really resonate with you. Some do so on quite serious level; others are anything but serious. All the movies on this list, though, poignantly reflect on what it means to be young and confused in the face of epic life changes. Whatever your taste may be hopefully there’s something here for you.

For the sentimentalist: Almost Famous

Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical film about his teenage years touring with various rock bands tugs at the emotional heartstrings. It’s impossible not to like 15-year-old William Miller as he follows his favorite band across America. I would watch this during my first year of college and totally relate to William – falling in love for the first time, feeling like you’re in way over your head in every way possible. He gets his cherry popped literally…

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