Bad Blood by Lorna Sage

Bad Blood

These are responses from me and Iffah Adilah about Sage’s Bad Blood:

  •  How the grandfather’s diaries function as memory works in Bad Blood? [structure]

We knew that Sage used her grandfather’s diaries as the main source of this autobiography since the end of third chapter in part one. After she revealed the diaries, the story started telling grandpa’s secrets, including his sins. Sage brought up the memories by retelling what she read from the diaries. So the memory became vague because her grandpa’s life came into the part of her memory.

  •  What badblood refers to and what it signifies? [symbol]

In our opinion, badblood refers to the Grandpa because Grandpa had many affairs with other women during his lifetime which were called ‘sin’ by Sage. On the other hand, Sage also inherited the badblood because she “had acquired from Grandpa (badblood!) vanity, ambition and discontent along with literacy.” (Sage 2000:130). Blood is an inseparable thing from humankind and it shows the flow within self. As a reverend, Grandpa had done many bad things which shouldn’t be done by him. That is why badblood means howler and he bequathed it to his grandchild and not to his own daughter; because Sage was the only one in that family who had strong bond with him.

  • What ways badblood as the autobiography of Lorna Sage also writes the lives of others? [content]

Sage told her life in narrative which describes the situation of Hanmer at that time. in telling her own life, Sage put the interaction with other people in sufficient detail by telling the names, the places, and the condition. For example, in the beginning Lorna Sage told about her childhood in Hanmer. At this time, she couldn’t avoid to tell about the old Hanmer including the place and society. In the next passage she also couldn’t avoid to tell his grandpa’s lifetime as the autobiography itself consits part of it.


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