Lorna Sage’s Bad Blood as Autobiography

I have read several books and I tend to prefer books about women or whose author is woman than other kinds of book. Bad blood is another woman autobiography which I have just read and I like it. The way the story was told in autobiography is interesting because it is real; there are photos in the book and it was so real that Lorna knew her family history from grandpa’s diary, a text which genuinely was written by grandpa, for purpose that I do not know. We also could know some histories in another place from biography, the writer is the author, and we can both know her /his activity and mind. I as the narrator am first person.

Lorna Sage

What unique about it for me is the central of the story is not Lorna. It is a chapter in Sage’s life about his grandfather and has something to do with her. I reckon that Lorna felt a strong bond between her and her grandpa because she resembled grandpa’s bad sides. On the other side, grandpa is the one who implanted her to like reading. This situation was represented by Lorna’s name which was chosen from blacked-out book by her grandpa.

Grandpa died when Lorna was nine. It such a short time but Lorna seemed so close with him. Her description about grandpa showed two sides. She named his mistakes in having another lover as original sin and called him “the old devil” (Sage, 2000:79), meanwhile she adored his good side in chapter six when grandpa died because of strokes.

I clearly see various marriage lives in Sage in different era. In a range of grandpa and grandma, Valma and her husband, Lorna and Victor. They all have different kind of family problem. Furthermore, the marriage life has relation with the women and children role in this story. Valma and Lorna as mother and daughter have different character. Lorna was a rebel and Valma was a kind of nice housewife; they have different kind of attitude and idea in handling problems. On the other hand, they have similarity; they both “the children of violenlty unhappy marriages” (Sage, 2000:127)

The conflicts in Sage family played the whole story. There are secrets everywhere. There seemed a continuous bitterness from grandpa’s era to Lorna’s era until Sharon was born and she broke the family pattern. I really like the final part when Lorna said, “it’s a good idea to settle for a few loose ends, because even if everything in your life is connected to everything else, that way madness lies”` (2000:281). I agree with her statement that sometime unfinished things, loose ends, and bad decisions make a good story.


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