Death as an Unspoken Thing becomes the Main Issue in The Sisters by James Joyce


The Sisters

The Sisters first published in 1904 within Dubliners, and then James Joyce revised it ten years later. The book, Dubliners asserts the nationality of the author; and the story itself has a strong influence by the Irish. The Irish people in The Sister are depicted as religious citizens and really attached to the Catholic rules at that time. Since one of the main characters is a reverend, the setting, background, and the plot of the story follow the Catholicism. These things built the story and turned up some conflicts yet issues within.

This story uses first nameless person point of view in telling the plots. He has no direct relation with The Sisters which is the title. They both refer to Nannie and Eliza, the sisters of Father Flynn. The relation between ‘I’ and the sisters is bridged by the Father. He is perhaps one of Father Flynn’s student or maybe someone who studies to be a reverend. Read more