Sexuality in Three Short Stories

Another three similar short stories for another week, sexuality or ‘kebirahian’ in Bahasa Indonesia, appears in the surface of each story. ‘Enough Rope’ by Poppy Z Brite is a story about a girl who described herself as “a gay man that happens to have been born in a female body, and that’s the perspective I’m coming from.” (Brite, 1998:18). This statement was told as ‘I’ is an adult writer, but she already noticed her dsyphoria since she was five, according to Brite (1998:17), “and the shock recognition that ran through me at the sight”, then at seven she dreamt about having a dick. It is such an early age for people who realize he/she don’t fit in their own body.  Becoming a man is important for ‘I’ because of the feeling that she never felt like a woman. In Enough Rope, ‘I’ was the narrator and the main character.

Ethereal Lovers described the relation between two characters in Graham Joyce’s ‘Pinkland’, which is Sammy and Nat. The story is told by the third person (omniscient).  There are parentheses to differentiate the conversation on the Net with the conversation in the real world. The characterization in this story slightly puzzling, Joyce described Sammy as a girl by the way she dressed, “Favouring a feminine, clinging satin skirt and wearing a nimbus of flowery perfume” (1997:31). In the other hand she used ‘he’ and ‘his’ for Sammy’s preposition in the end, “Sammy got up from his seat. He tried to offer a handshake”. (Joyce, 1997:43). Joyce characterised Nat in the same way. “The two had been ethereal lovers for almost six months before Nat admitted to Sammy she was a woman” (1997:28) this statement gave an idea that Nat is a woman in the real world who pretends to be a man in cyber. A different kind of Nat appeared in the end of story. When they both finally met, Sammy found out that Nat was a transvestite which shocked him very well.

X: A Fabulous Child’s Story by Lois Gould seems interesting because the idea of the story is not a judgment. It gives a different perspective about having a child and not to decide it is a girl or a boy. The plots flow smoothly following the growth of the child and happen naturally. There are always answers for every question which pop up within.

All of the short stories give different point of view of sexuality. They show what is usually not normal in society, that a man should like a woman and to do otherwise. Then what the impacts for them.