Gabriele Gets Her Self-Authority Controlled by Other Man Characters in Thomas Mann’s Tristan

Tristan by Thomas Mann

Tristan by Thomas Mann is a descriptive novella where it begins the plot with description of the building (the setting) within first paragraph. The narrator is a third person point of view; it knows a lot of information about the character but from the length, details, and dictions of explanation narrator gives, we can see its act and side towards the characters. Narrator knows Spinell best, though the description of him is not good, but narrator can explain his thought and perception which other characters do not know. On the other side, the narrator has special attitude toward Gabriele as the main woman character. It gives good description which clearly explains the elegance yet delicateness of her.

In the first part of story, narrator explains about several minor characters. It is very details in appearance and the activities they usually do in Einfried, the sanitarium which does not like a place for people who get serious illness. It is more a place for high class society in Europe who wants to spend their time far away from the city. Read more